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Mylène Riva Co-lead: Health Synthesis Stream focus area

Dr. Mylene Riva

Mylène Riva is a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Housing, Community and Health, and cross-appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Institute for Health and Social Policy and the Department of Geography at McGill University. She is a principal co-applicant on this project. Dr. Riva has published extensively on northern housing and health research, and leads the Place, Health and Wellbeing Research Group at McGill. Dr. Riva’s expertise lies in improving our understanding of the health and well-being impacts of housing and community conditions, interventions, and policies for northern and Indigenous peoples. Among other projects, she leads a CIHR and ArcticNet funded research project assessing the impact of social housing construction on housing and non-housing outcomes in Nunavik and Nunavut. This project is conducted in collaboration with housing and public health organizations in both regions. The outcomes of her research provide a robust evidence base for the implementation of social, housing, and land-use planning policies to create communities that are supportive for health. Riva sits on the Executive and co-leads the Health Synthesis Stream focus area.