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Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott

Dr. Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott

Dr. Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott is an Associate Professor of sociology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her work explores the built environment of Arviat, Nunavut and the lived experiences of Inuit as they move through the landscapes of their everyday lives and engage with Western-style housing. Dr. van den Scott lived in Arviat for five years and during that time she gradually she noticed how differently walls were treated both among families in this community, and across other cultures she encountered in her travels. From here she began to develop a sociology of walls, building on the work of others who had researched architecture, buildings, and space and place. She found the generosity and compassion of the Inuit remarkable as they encouraged her work. Dr. van den Scott was able to transition into the role of researcher in consultation with the community. She is currently working on a book which introduces a more formal “sociology of walls,” and examines the relationship of the Inuit of one hamlet to their housing and the spaces of their everyday lives which is intimately tied to identity performance. Dr. van den Scott has published in such journals as The American Behavioral Scientist, The Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, and Symbolic Interaction. She is co-editor of a qualitative methods handbook, The Craft of Qualitative Research.