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NunatuKavut, Health and Social Department NunatuKavut


The NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC) is the representative governing body for approximately 6,000 Inuit of south and central Labrador. NunatuKavut means “Our Ancient Land” and refers to our territory. NCC was officially formed as a society in 1981 and incorporated under provincial law in 1985. NCC exists to promote and ensure the basic human rights of its members as NunatuKavut Inuit, and the collective recognition of these rights by all levels of government. We envision a future where we govern ourselves, providing and caring for one another, our families, and our communities while nurturing our relationship with our land, ice, and waters. The Health and Social Department of NunatuKavut oversees various community health and social initiatives. We nurture and support physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health to ensure the wellbeing of our families and communities.

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