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Ashlee Consolo

Dr. Ashlee Consolo

Ashlee Cunsolo, PhD, is a health geographer and the Director of the Labrador Institute of Memorial University. As a community-engaged social science and health researcher working at the intersection of place, culture, health, and environment, Ashlee has a particular interest in the climatic, social, environmental, and cultural determinants of Indigenous health, intercultural learning and dialogue, environmental ethics, and the social justice implications of social, environmental, and health inequality. She is a leading voice nationally and internationally on climate change and mental health, ecological grief, and intangible losses and damages that arise from climate change, and works more broadly at the intersection of place, culture, health, and environment. She has been recognized nationally and internationally for her community-based research and science outreach, and is a regular media contributor on climate change, mental health, and ecological grief. She holds a variety of climate change leadership roles, including being a contributing author to the IPCC AR6 Chapter 12: North America and Cross-Chapter Paper: Polar Regions, a Lead Author on Chapters in the Natural Resources Canada and the Health Canada Climate Change Assessment Reports, and a Commissioner for the Lancet Arctic Health Commission. In her role as Director of the Labrador Institute, Ashlee is working with multiple partners in Labrador and at Memorial University to lead the development of an academic unit in Labrador to offer Northern-led and Northern-focused undergraduate, graduate, and professional learning opportunities in Labrador, and working on the establishment of a Labrador Campus of Memorial University. She is a former Canada Research Chair (Tier II), and a member of the Royal Society of Canada College of New Scholars, Artists, and Scientists.