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PlanIt North Yellowknife, NT

PlanIt North

Based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, PlanIt North specializes in local governance, planning and resource management. Using evidence-based decision-making and inclusive processes, we aim to build the skills and confidence of all participants. Together, with our extensive network of partnerships across Canada, PlanIt North has the experience and knowledge to help northern communities achieve the future they envision. We have an on- going relationship with K’asho Got’ine Housing Society in the community of Fort Good Hope, NWT where we have provided planning, governance and administrative support, completed a baseline housing assessment, facilitated a community housing forum and hosted a shelter design charrette. We work with several local and regional Indigenous Governments on a range of planning and policy issues and housing is a clear priority for most of our clients. At PlanIt North we work towards building vibrant, healthy futures and we feel housing security is an essential part of this future.

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