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“COVID–19 and Pandemic Planning in the Context of Rural and Remote Homelessness” receives a SSHRC Partner Engage Grant

Congratulations to At Home in the North’s Dr. Rebecca Schiff, Dr. Carol Kauppi, Dr. Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff and Dr. Julia Christensen with Dr. Kristy Buccieri on receiving a SSHRC Partner Engage Grant for the their project entitled: “COVID–19 and Pandemic Planning in the Context of Rural and Remote Homelessness”.

The project is being completed under the direction of Dr. Rebecca Schiff (Lakehead University) and through a partnership with the National Alliance to End Rural and Remote Homelessness.

“Rural communities are often isolated and thus more limited than urban areas in their capacity to respond to pandemics. They are particularly vulnerable due to fewer healthcare and social service resources, scarcity of soup kitchens and food banks – the lack of which has been particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic and has significantly impacted their ability to respond to the needs of homeless people.” -Dr. Rebecca Schiff

Please see the news coverage for more information.,one%20year%20on%20their%20projects