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Call for papers! “Critical northern geographies of home” CAG 2022

AHIN’s Eleanor Stephenson and Julia Christensen are co-Chairing a session at the upcoming CAG conference (virtual, May 30-June 3) entitled “Critical Northern Geographies of Home”.  If you wish to take part, you will need to submit your abstract and register for the conference through the CAG website by April 15. When you submit your abstract, you will have an option to select our session. If you have any questions or are interested in taking part, please be in touch! (

Critical northern geographies of home: Exploring the links between food and housing (in)security in Northern Indigenous communities
Organizers: Eleanor Stephenson (Memorial University); Julia Christensen
(Memorial University)
In recent years, high rates of food insecurity and housing insecurity in
northern Indigenous communities have become prominent priorities for
social policy and research alike. Yet both are often depoliticized from
their systemic and underlying causes, with attention paid instead to the
logistical challenges of the northern environment. Critical northern
geographers, among others, are concerned with the diverse factors that
produce social inequities in the most fundamental of needs, including
food and shelter. In the context of northern Canada, both the food
system and housing programs reflect key sites of colonial social policy
interventions into Indigenous domestic life – yet food and housing are
also sites of resistance and self-determination. In this session, we
explore parallels between food and housing insecurity in northern
Indigenous communities, seeking to share lessons and insights from
research on these closely related topics. We invite papers that consider
relationships between colonial policy and contemporary food and housing
issues; papers that explore the home as a space of both colonial
assimilation and resistance; and papers that address how communities are
linking health, housing, and food security in holistic approaches to